Fee’s for childminding…

In the past I have not put my  fee’s on the website or in my welcome pack…however I’ve had some feedback which has suggested I give people an idea of what I charge…so I’ve listed below a guide to my fee’s:

I am available from 6.30am and I like to close around 6pm (but I can be flexible)                                              

These fee’s are totally inclusive no ‘hidden charges’ .                         Prices are per child                       I provide sibling discount of 15%

Full Time place

from  £550  per calendar month

Part Time place

from £300 per calendar month

Daily Rate

up to 10 hours per day £40 per day

Nightly Rate

up to 14 hours overnight care £60 per night

 This fee scale is not rigid as each family is unique…work patterns are sometimes complicated…so a one size fits all approach would not work in my setting…but I hope this gives you an idea…

I prefer to tailor a unique package for each family…not just fee’s but every aspect of my care so it can be special to you and fit your needs…fee’s will be discussed in detail when you get in touch…and as an OFSTED registered child minder any help from Family Tax Credits will be no problem as long as you are entitled to them…you can also use the Childcare Voucher Scheme as payment which many employers are offering…and of course claim the government funded hours for 3 and 4 year olds, which is 30 hours. I am quite happy to share these hours with another setting, such as pre school.

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