GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

The general data protection is an EU law from May 2018. It requires us to share information with you about data retention after your child has left our setting. This new law will assist childminders in being clearer and open about personal data held. Our records should be kept to a minimum with no unnecessary data which should be checked often that they are up to date and relevant.


As childminders we have a duty to hold on to some of the data after the child has left (listed below). Any data that we are not legally required to keep will be given to you when your child leaves or will be destroyed.


I am required to be registered with the ICO and, when using digital systems, data is held securely with a password. In addition, data held in a paper format is held securely in a locked cupboard.


If my childminding services cease, any digital information I have must be printed off and stored securely, or I can continue to pay the ICO fee to store these digitally.


The following data will be kept in my setting until the child reaches 21 years and 3 months:

  • Accident/injury/existing injury/medication administration/illness and incidents forms
  • Attendance register
  • All complaints
  • Concerns about a child
  • Childcare contracts and termination
  • All signed permission forms
  • Physical intervention record
  • Any emails, texts or letters relating to serious allegations
  • Diaries, if relating to a safeguarding issue


The following data is kept in my setting for 5 years.

  • Accounts
  • Policies and procedures
  • Acknowledgement of receipt
  • Visitor log
  • Insurance documentation


The following data is kept in my setting for 3 years.

  • Informing Ofsted of changes
  • Local Authority Funding
  • Local safeguarding record forms


Upon leaving the setting the following data will be sent home with your child.

  • Daily Diaries
  • Learning Journey
  • Any photos I have of your child


I endeavour to routinely check and update any retention requirements in line with statutory requirements



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