A friendly guide to the EYFS

The EYFS is a single quality framework to support children’s learning  and development from birth to five. There are 7 areas of learning and development. As part of my job I will record your child’s journey through the EYFS by the means of daily and monthly observation books. I also liaise with Pre School (they also follow the EYFS) by the means of a message book. When your little one leaves me you will have a record of their time with me and the journey through the early years. This information which is recorded is of course highly confidential and will only be disclosed to the appropriate individuals. I use coloured coded spot stickers in the journals with a key to make it easier to  read and understand.


  • Prime areas of learning and development

 Personal, social and emotional development-making relationships,self confidence and self awareness and managing feelings and behaviour.

 Physical Development-Moving and handling, developing control and co ordination, understanding about  health and self care.

 Communication and Language– Listening and speaking skills, understanding responding to questions and following instructions.

              These areas are for all children whatever their age…these prime areas are the most important areas of learning and development.

  • Specific Areas

 LiteracyEnjoy being read to and reading aloud, phonic knowledge, using letter patterns and spelling simple words using phonics.

 Mathematics Numbers 1-10, shape, size and measurement, money and understanding patterns.

 Understanding the worldUsing technology, exploring the world around us and talking about their experiences and doing simple experiments.

 Expressive Art and DesignSinging songs and rhymes, dancing and moving,exploring colour, texture and design, exploring their creativity through their imaginations.

These specific areas are used to support all children with their learning and development and as a focus for older children who are ready to start engaging in themed activities which will stretch and challenge their learning ability.

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