Welsh Lovespoons

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Welsh Love Spoons

To end our valentines craft week we decided to  make some Welsh Lovespoons…the originals were given as love tokens many years ago in Wales…a young man would carve a spoon and give it to the girl he loved….if she accepted then it was a sign that she loved him too!

Each lovespoon has symbols that mean something…

Wheel meant never ending love

Heart meant true love

Keyhole meant I will provide a safe place for you to live

Key meant you have the key to unlock my heart

Horseshoe meant good luck

Flower meant our love will grow

Bell meant we will live in harmony

Diamond meant good fortune

Bird meant love birds lets be together

So take a look at our lovely colourful love spoons…and spot the messages on them!

Gathering all our things together before we begin….

Painting our wooden spoons pretty colours…

Spoons ready to decorate…dried with the hair drier then they are ready!

Sticking on our little foam symbols…

Our gorgeous finished Love Spoons

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